We Work Directly With The County

We are licensed and work directly with the county on assisting individuals in filing claims. We perform an audit on the county records and they provide us information and updates on statuses of claims. 

Rose Services Group: Asset Recovery

Rose Services Group provides a wide range of asset recovery services to corporations, government entities, and individuals. We have the experience and technology to conduct complex asset recovery operations and ensure our clients maximize their recoveries. Our asset recovery services include locating assets, identifying potential claims, negotiating settlements, and enforcing judgments.


                      Unclaimed State Funds

Unclaimed state funds are forgotten money from individuals. This might sound strange but it's true, many people have unclaimed funds that are due to them.  When Bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, uncashed checks, money orders, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trust funds, royalties, and escrow accounts go unclaimed, they end up in the state's treasury. These institutions are required to do an annual report to the state's treasury and after a few years of failed contact they turn these funds over to the state.

We work directly with the state and are licensed finders that will assist you in filing the claim to recover these funds.

We charge NO upfront fees and handle all of the filings for you.


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